About Neponset Bay Capital

Neponset Bay Capital concentrates on distressed securities, special situations and global private equity solutions. We are founded on the principles of trust, loyalty and collaboration. The partnership seeks to systematically create “control or influence” ownership interests and portfolios of real assets and security positions in shipping, aviation and forest products that are cyclical, capital intensive and experience periods of market dislocations and distress.

Investment Strategy

Neponset Bay Capital relies on time-tested experiences and strategies relevant to real asset investing:

  • Implementing a disciplined and highly collaborative process for identifying and prioritizing real assets or respective securities with underlying collateral to real assets that have compelling risk, reward investment features

  • Mitigating downside exposure to principal investments by buying at attractive discounts to intrinsic value along with a measured approach to industry and commodity cycles, supply/demand characteristics, leverage and useful trading life of the asset classes

  • Leveraging established alliances and relationships with best-in-class operating and sourcing partners, advisors and financiers

  • Appreciating that underwriting and exiting real assets at attractive levels and under timely circumstances are key to achieving successful investment outcomes

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